We introduce ourselves as one of the most professional Manpower agency providing Security & Facility management services for Schools / Hospitals / Banks / Establishments / Industries / Malls etc.


  • Static, Mobile and Armed Guards
  • Executive Protection (PSO) – Armed.
  • Training of Security Personnel.
  • Office and Institutional Housekeeping Facilities Management.


We are quite sanguine that we will be able to provide efficient Security services as per your requirements to your entire satisfaction. We believe in commitments & hold client’s interest paramount above all.

 Security personnel are often seen as the “Front Window” of an organization; the quality of security guards, will, therefore, influence the “First Impression” of the customers.

Our Mantra “Detects, Deter, Observe and Report”

An Overview Matrix is, in a nutshell, an agency manned by professionals. It is an optimum and well-balanced blend of military and civilian expertise, well versed in security and protection matters. The core strength of Matrix lies in its high profile, well qualified Management Team comprising of thorough-bred professionals with extensive experience in Security Management.


Vision To continue as a trend-setter in top grade Security as well as House Keeping and Office Facilities Management aspects based on International Standards, in a cost-effective manner.


Mission To provide a fully secure, high grade, dependable and accountable Security Protection, to strike the right balance between cost effectiveness and fail-safe service, customized to individual needs.



Deployment and Training Parameters

Training is closely monitored by the Chief Operating Officer to ensure uniformity and stringent minimum acceptable standards. However, the conditionality is that they should come up to the minimum required standards. ie., Height 5’8”, Minimum 10th pass with good character verification.


Our Training Programme in brief.

Conversion Training:

This is meant for Security Guards who join us from other security companies. The duration is one week and the main purpose is to infuse our work culture and ethos. This also takes into account of the disciplinary and functional aspects.

New Recruits’ Orientation Capsule

This is for four weeks and encompasses the whole gamut of training required; turn out, drill physical training and basic unarmed combat and fire fighting.

Supervisor and Security Officers’ Training

In addition to the above training aspects, supervisory and monitoring responsibilities are emphasized.

Deployment and Training Parameters

Our organizational and functional parameters cater for the following, in keeping with our philosophy of “Security by Professionals.”

The components are: –

  • Stringent recruitment procedures.
  • Pre-induction training, at our training center.
  • On-the-Job Advanced Training Constant checks, monitoring and implementation of ‘feed-back’ inputs from customers
  • Honouring all statutory requirements and obligations.

 Facility Management Services

Matrix Force has been providing professional Facility Management Services. We have been outsourcing Manpower in diverse Fields ie. Housekeeping / Maintenance, Office Assistance / Peon / pantry etc.

We provide House Keeping services for Corporate Services / Call Centers/ Consulates / I. T. Services /Public Sector Companies / Institutions / Schools / Banks / Financial Institutions and Commercial Complex by Latest Methods and well trained Housekeeping Technical personnel with pleasant working environment.

At Matrix Force we are constantly evaluating the needs and requirement of Corporate Indian Industry and accordingly we are updating our services to the requirement of our Corporate Clients. Our Housekeeping services are particularly concentrated on ‘Total Quality Management (TQM)’. We have a highly specialized and experienced team. Our Staff will work in close co-ordination with our clients to deliver services in exact accordance to international standard and up to their specifications. Also we assure that our Services will be environment friendly and we maintain a close relationship with our clients that lead to a mutual benefit and Business prosperity.

  1. Daily sweeping and moping of all floor area on continuous basis with quality cleaning materials manufactured by the reputed companies
  2. Cleaning of Dust, Cobwebs as and when requires.
  3. Upkeep of all ceramic fittings and providing disinfectant materials and air purifiers for wash area and washbasins.
  4. Cleaning of all bathrooms, toilet blocks, wash basins, windows etc. within frequent intervals with the best quality of liquid detergent floor sanitizer’s phenyl & floor acid.
  5. Cleaning of window panels, glasses, partitions etc.
  6. Cleaning of all waste paper baskets· Cleaning of all telephones including intercoms and super phones.
  7. Cleaning and moping of all rest rooms at regular intervals with quality materials.
  8. Cleaning furniture with dry clothes.
  9. Dusting and cleaning of glass doors, windows, fittings, sign boards, telephones etc.
  10. Collection and disposal of garbage waste papers at regular intervals.
  11. Scrubbing the floor tiles on weekly basis.
  12. Cleaning job as per the instruction from the Sr. Officers / Management etc.
  13. General maintenance work like – flower vase and pot arrangements, shifting of manure mixtures.

We are geared up to meet new challenges and look forward to the opportunity of serving you in providing effective & meaningful services. Our best wishes.