• Ten days are required to give on the job training at site.
  • Security Personnel deployed at the premises will have to be provided with the items by the management: Torches, Registers & office Stationary etc.
  • Bills will be submitted by 2nd of every month for the previous month.
  • Payments against bills submitted are requested to be released by 7th of every month.
  • Instructions / guidelines are given in writing by the agency after approval of the management for strict compliance.
  • All the instructions & guidelines given to the security personnel by the management are also to be communicated to all staff before being implemented.
  • Only authorized person is allowed to issue / change orders on the spot to be confirmed in writing later on.
  • Management must also tell all resident that security personnel are a separate entity & can’t be ordered about by everybody & anybody.
  • Confidential report will be submitted to the management about the general activities / conduct of staff / employee.
  • Rates contract will be on yearly bases and will be revised every year by at least 10%.


Security procedure & guidelines in general for deployed security personnel are laid down below. Other than this if there are specific guidelines, we will be glad to incorporate them & convey the same to our security personnel.

  1. Only vehicles with authorized parking stickers will be allowed to enter the premises / building.
  2. Authorized vehicles Incoming & outgoing time to be maintained.
  3. Guest entry register will be maintained.
  4. 2-level communication will be followed for guest / visitors entering the premises / building & requesting to visit / meet a specific area / person. 1st Level communication will be at the main gate & 2nd Level communication at the building gate.
  5. Guest / visitors will be allowed inside the premises only if approved by the person they have come to meet.
  6. Staff / Residents can also give a prior approval for guest / visitors expected to visit them with there name & address but still on there arrival it has to be confirmed.
  7. Visitor I-cards will be provided to the guests / visitors, which will have the area they are authorized to visit. I-cards have to be returned back at the main gate.
  8. Frisking of Staff / servants & labourers is mandatory – both physical & with hand held metal detectors.
  9. Staff / Servants & labourers have also to be provided with permanent & temporary I-cards & list of there working at different areas has to be the main gate.
  10. Servants Incoming & Outgoing register will be maintained.
  11. Any unauthorised or suspicious person found inside the premises or building can be questioned by the security personnel deployed & proof of identity can be checked.
  12. All security personnel have to participate in fire drills & keep themselves up-to-date knowledge of fire extinguisher usage & positions, so that at the time of emergency the response time is quick & efficient.
  13. Security personnel are trained to be tough but polite in there duties.