Naveen Goyal & Er. Deepak Chaku in 2007 initiated a startup company that in the first stage of its operations grew to be known as MATRIX GLOBAL SERVICES – trade mark – MATRIX FORCE. This company initially started as a manpower agency grew to its present core business of Security guarding & Facility management services by their entrepreneurial founders as they attempt to capitalize on developing services for which they believed there would be demand & growth.
Matrix Force has grown into an organization with values & business ethics keeping strict procedures & discipline within its staff.
Matrix Force is proud to share that client retention percentage since 2007 has been 92%, which is a benchmark in our industry.
Testimony to this is the satisfactory performance reports which clients have issued for Matrix Force.

Under dynamic leadership of Naveen Goyal, having expertise in finance geared Matrix Force to be a stable & reliable Security guarding & Facility management agency. His contribution during the initial stage of growth was what Matrix Force is today.

His concrete & decisive decision making ability put Matrix Force of the right path & guided the small startup to what it is today.

Matrix Force gained momentum @ 25% in the initial stage with a steady & solid growth rate in the later years under his dynamic leadership capabilities.


Er. Deepak Chaku qualified B.E. (I&P) from Manipal Institute of Technologies, Manipal with a family history in armed forces guided Matrix Force in operations, Marketing  & recruitments.

His dedication & ethos encouraged Matrix Force not only as a business but were each & every individual associated with the company was treated as a family.

His access & easy availability to all staff (top to grass root) for hearing any & all issues relating to staff grievance 24×7 made Matrix Force a organization with a human touch.

It was this confidence building effort that got the company going as personnel working in Matrix Force treated company as their own & gave their 100%.